Menus - Assigning a Menu to a Template

After the creation of a Menu the user will need to assign it to a week so Students/Staff are able to select meals.

  This article will teach you...

How to assign a menu template to a specific week.

Classic User Interface Guidance

Classic User Interface Guidance

Accessing Menus 

  1. Navigate to Menus > Templates.
  2. Select the Relevant Menu Template [1] to load up all currently available weeks.
    Templates - Templates.png
  3. Drag the Created Menu [2] from the Menu List and place it within the Relevant Week [3].
  4. Click Save [4].
    Dragging Menu Template.png

Assigning a Menu to a Template

  1. Navigate to Menus > Template.
  2. Click on the Relevant Template [1].
  3. Locate the created menu within the Menu Column [2].
    1. Template.png
  4. Locate the Required Week [3] using the date column.
  5. Left-click and drag the Menus [4] into the Blank Lunch, Breakfast, or Break Field.
    2. Dragging Template.png
  6. Click Save [5].
    3. Save.png
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