Upload error 400 (MIS Sync)

An error 400 message may sometimes be seen in the log when an MIS Sync upload attempt fails. It is normally caused by a data problem with the records that you are attempting to import into ParentPay. This is common when copying information from one system and pasting it into another, such as data out of an email and into an MIS record.  Sometimes, this will try to copy commas, carriage returns, line feeds and other system characters that the MIS cannot deal with correctly.

To diagnose the problem, you will need to examine either the data in your MIS or capture the output from MIS Sync by exporting the data rather than passing it straight into ParentPay.

To export the data as a spreadsheets ).xls):

  1. Open the MIS Sync application, usually installed on your SIMS server, and login.
  2. Navigate to the group you are attempting to upload such as Pupil or Staff.
  3. Select Manual update.
  4. Select Import to pull the records into MIS Sync.
  5. Select Save and choose the location.

Once you have a copy of the file you can open it by double clicking on it. To identify the data issue you need to look for non text characters in the records, such as '0x2c' which is a code version of a comma (called a HEX code). This is the most common error but if you examine the error message you received when trying to upload the data, it will normally indicate the code it was not expecting.

Once you have identified the line or lines that contain the error in the file, find the associate name or admin number and then check their details in your MIS. This should allow you to identify and fix the data issue before reattempting the upload.

How can I send this to ParentPay support?

.xml files are often a restricted format when coming from an unknown source.  This is because they may contain harmful data.  In this case you are pulling information from your own MIS using a tool provided by ParentPay, not an unknown source.

You will need to open the file using a spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel. You can attempt to open it directly or alternatively, use the Data > Get data menu option in Excel and then choose from XML. Locate the file and then import the data.

You can now upload this file to ParentPay by navigating to the Communication > Files menu in your ParentPay Manager Application and uploading the file.  You will need to notify the support agent that you have done this so that they can then examine it.

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