Version 88 Overview

Early Years UFSM and Pupil Premium Meal Number/Income KPIs Amendments

Changes have been made to Early Years and Pupil Premium Meal Number KPIs to reflect UFSM Data allowing users to view and export UFSM Data.

Total UFSM and Total Pupil Premium Meal Number/Income KPIs 

New KPIs have been made named 'Total UFSM' and 'Total Pupil Premium Meal Numbers/Income' have been added to Cypad.

Weekly Meal Numbers by Key Stage UFSM Amendments

Amendments have been made to the 'Weekly Meal Numbers by Key Stage' report which now displays the following columns for Early Years, KS1 and KS2:

  • KS1 UFSM
  • KS1 PP
  • KS2 UFSM
  • KS2 PP
  • Staff Free
  • Free Total
  • EY Paid
  • KS2 Paid
  • Staff Paid
  • Paid Total
  • Overall Total
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