SIMS Local - Uploading pre-admission data to ParentPay from SIMS

At times throughout the year, typically in June, you may wish to add your new potential intake pupils (commonly called pre-admissions) so that they can get used to the payment system before they arrive in the new academic year.

  This article will teach you...

How to complete a pre admission upload using MIS Sync connected to your SIMS MIS

Completing a pre-admission upload

  1. Open MIS Sync and login using the same credentials you use to access the ParentPay Manager Application, along with your Organisation ID (this can be found in your ParentPay Manager Application either on the home page in the top right corner or under Settings > Site data in the Company external id)
  2. In MIS Sync navigate to Pre-admissions > Auto update

  3. This begins the data extract from SIMS. The pre-admission pupils will then be transferred to the ParentPay system.

Once the upload completes you will receive a success notification message or an error log file detailing what went wrong.


Most upload messages will contain warnings. These usually indicate changes to Free School Meal entitlement, or changes to the imported mobile phone number.
They do not stop the import but you you may wish to review these changes.


If the upload fails an error message will be displayed outlining the cause for the failure.
Most errors will need to be corrected in SIMS, but some may require intervention from ParentPay support so its worth getting a screenshot of the error information to send through with your issue. Don't worry if you forget though, it remains available even after you leave the application in the Settings section in MIS Sync if needed).


You can add Visitors and Others to your ParentPay system? Teachers, governors, PTA members, external students, or any other individual can be uploaded, allowing them to buy meals or pay for items or services you offer.
For more information on how to do this, check out our article here.

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