How to change a parents email address (used as their login)

While it is the responsibility of the parent to maintain their ParentPay account details, sometimes it may be necessary for you to update their login email address.

  This article will teach you...

How to update a parents ParentPay Account login and contact email address


If you need to change the active account of the person responsible for a child, DO NOT continue.  By changing the email address of an existing account to someone else's email will likely result in a data breach. Instead you must manually create a new account for the new carer and if appropriate promote them to the Primary Account.  See  How to change the carer on a pupil's account.

If you simply need to update the ParentPay Account registered email for an existing parent or carer continue as below.

To change the payer's email address:

  1. In your ParentPay Manager Application, navigate to People > Pupils and Staff 
  2. Using the search filters, locate the pupil that the carer is attached to and click on their name.
  3. Locate the relevant payer in the Contacts section and click on their name 
  4. Go to the Email section and click Edit email.
  5. Enter the new email address
  6. Select Save.

A verification link will be emailed to the parent to confirm the new email address. They must click the link to complete the process.

They will then need to use this new email address as their username to log into ParentPay.  If necessary, they can use the password reset link on the login page to change the password.


We strongly advise that all users select a unique and secure password to protect their ParentPay account. Best practice is to combine three random words with complexity, ensuring every online account has a unique password.

  • Use a new, unique, strong password. Do not re-use a password that is used on any other platform
  • 10 characters, mix of all character classes (or use a passphrase: 4 words or more)

Troubleshooting: If the payer has previously used their new email address to register a ParentPay account, you will need to contact the Support team for assistance.

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