Version 182 Overview

Pupil Statement LFSM 

As part of the London Free School Meals scheme LFSM Entitlement will now show on the Pupil Statement.

LFSM Removed From Group 2 Menus

Any school sites that are not part of the LFSM scheme will no longer be able to select LFSM from the Group 2 menus.

Hide LFSM Columns from Reports

Schools that are not entitled to the London Free School Meal scheme will be unable to view the LFSM Column on reports. 

EOY Optional Tasks Changes

Within the EOY Optional Tasks checklist, the 'Record Upcoming Changes' option has been removed and replaced with a message above the checklist: "If you have any upcoming changes such as a new MIS or cashless caterer please email and we will advise you of the process.".

One-Click Payment Prompts

When a payer card is due to or expired a prompt will now appear to encourage users to switch to One-Click Payments so they do not need to worry about future cards expiring.




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