Meals Number by Date Report

A newly added report has been added to Cypad allowing users to view a report that shows meal numbers by date and key stage with the option of year and class.

  This article will teach you...

How to access the meal numbers by date report.

Classic User Interface Guidance

Classic User Interface Guidance

Navigate to Payments > Analysis.

Select Meals Number by Date [1] from the report list.

Report List.png

A prompt will appear asking you to enter an E-Mail Address [2] if the report exceeds 10,000 records.


The following report will now be either generated or sent to the E-Mail entered in the previous step:

MNBY Example.png

Accessing Meals Numbers by Date Report

  1. Navigate to Meals > Analysis.
  2. Select Meals Numbers by Date [1].
    1. Meal Numbers by Date.png
  3. Enter an e-mail into the E-Mail Field [2]. If the report contains over 10,000 records all data will be sent to the e-mail entered at this stage, if the records are under 10,000 the data will be displayed on the following screen.
  4. Click OK [3].
    E-Mail Field.png
  5. Select the Relevant Date Range [4] to view Meal Numbers.
    2. Date Ranges.png
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