Menus - Copy Menu Item

If required Menu Items can be copied and replicated using Menus.

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How to copy a new menu item.

Copying Menu Items

  1. Navigate to Menus > Items.
  2. Select the Relevant Menu Item [1].
  3. Within the Actions Tab, click Copy Menu Item [2].
  4. Set the Menu ID [3].
  5. Assign a Name [4].
  6. Choose the Item Details [5] you wish to copy.
  7. Click Apply [6].
  8. The Menu Item Copy [7] will now appear within the menu items list.

Effects of Copying a Menu Item

  • Is it not possible to create a menu item with a pre-existing item ID or name.

  • All item is copied according to the configuration selected in the “Copy Menu Item” modal.

  • The item is NOT added to any menus.

  • The item is NOT added to any templates.

  • If “Copy Recipe” is selected the stock items, quantities, and portion numbers associated with the copied recipe are automatically associated with the new menu item.

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