Version 90 Overview

Module assignment can only be done by Cypad Support

Cypad Admin users can no longer add Web and PDA Modules within System > Users, Admin Users must now contact Cypad support in order to action this change.

Non-Super Users who attempt to make to these changes will be asked to contact Cypad Support.

Only Super-Users can now add, edit, close, and delete sites 

Only Super Users can now add, edit, close, and delete sites from:

  • System (New and Old UI)

  • Kitchen Manager (Old UI)

  • Monitor (Old UI)

Non-Super Users can no longer do the following:

  • Add a new site by clicking the existing “add” button
  • Add button is always disabled
  • Delete button is always disabled
  • Cannot change the status of the site using the existing “status” drop-down.
  • Drop-Down is always disabled
  • Within System > Admin, Import is now hidden.

Non-Super Users will have to contact Cypad support in order to action these changes.

The following message "This action can only be performed by a Support User. Please contact Cypad Support” will be displayed beside each of the following areas: 

  • Beside the “Add” button
  • Beside the “Delete” button

The following message "Only Support-Users can mark a site as “Closed”. Please contact Cypad Support" will be displayed beside the site “Status” drop-down menu

Production site KPIs consider MS and DC values for Dining Centres

Production Site KPIs now include all meal numbers when associated dining centers are a mix of meal Selection and Data Collection sites, all meal number values are included in the following reporting KPIs:

  • Meals Total Produced Primary 
  • Meals Total Produced Nursery 
  • Meals Total Produced Secondary 
  • Meals Total Produced Adult 
  • Income Total Produced Primary 
  • Income Total Produced Nursery 
  • Income Total Produced Secondary 
  • Income Total Produced Adult

Values are not duplicated (i.e. if the site has at least 1 meal marked in Meal Register, then Data Collection meal numbers are ignored)

Payments Analysis (Beta)

Changes have been made to the Payments > Analysis. Users can now click to toggle to the Early Release Beta.

For more information on how to access the New UI, please see the following article.

As this is a beta release the following pages will be hidden when toggling into the New UI:

  • Planning
  • Students
  • Admin
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