Version 92 Overview

Deleted Pre-Orders Report Additional Information 

When a Pre-Order is deleted due to failure to receive payment, the deleted pre-order information will be added to the Deleted Pre-Orders Report. For more information on reports please see the following article.

Display Staff Photos on Tablet

Within the Staff and Attendance modules, users can now view Staff Photos. when the user navigates to the Attendance or Staff App (within Kitchen Manager) and presses the kebab icon (3 Lines) a new option has been added to enable Staff Photos, if a photo has been uploaded for the member of staff a small icon of said picture will appear to the left of their name.

Recipe Find and Replace - Change of Quantity

Recipe users can now find/replace an item with the same item of a different quantity within Recipes > Actions

Parent Notifications and E-Mails Service

If a parent has previously recorded an email address via the “Booking Notifications” consent form or has booked a meal for a student via parent booking (Schoolcomms or ParentPay) they may be notified of deleted pre-orders if the system records the following changes:

  • Student class changed
  • Student type changed
  • Student status changed
  • Student template changed
  • Week menu in the template changed
  • Theme day added
  • Theme day deleted
  • Menu items in the day menu removed
  • Template of the site changed or deleted
  • Removed by Teacher using Whiteboard
  • Student allergy amendment
  • Menu item allergen amendment
  • Student diet type amendment
  • Menu item diet type amendment
  • Stock item allergen amendment
  • Menu item diet type amendment
  • Class theme day added
  • Class theme day deleted
  • Site enabled allergen compatibility validation
  • Site enabled diet type compatibility validation
  • Student pre-selection removed from Manager app
  • Consider "suitable for pescatarian" items Halal config changed
  • Menu item area assignment

An email is generated and sent to the given email address.


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