Version 93 Overview

Selection Summary report  - Secondary Column Added to show preordered items for students in KS3-KS5

The Selection Summary report (Meals Chosen App) now shows an additional column showing preorders for Secondary years, Located between columns Jnr and Staff.

For each menu item, the value is the sum of that preordered item by students in KS3 to KS5. For more information on reports please see the following article.

Menu Item Description Character Limit

Menu Item Description field within Items > Item Details has an increased character limit of 500 to be made to the Import function as well - Menus > Admin > Import (field and description)

Reactivate Closed Accounts

Users can now reactivate closed accounts instead of contacting the Cypad Support team. If an account has been closed due to inactivity a message will now appear with the following text: "This account is not active" and a Reactivate button below the text.

A new window will appear where users are able to enter their Cypad E-Mail information in which a One-Time verification code will allow them to reactivate their account.


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