Text Credits

Ensure that you have enough text credits on your account to send one message to every parent in an emergency. 

If you are sending an emergency/high priority message then it is advised to change the ‘Send by’ option to SMS only instead of using App or SMS. App messages are sent via the internet and so to receive the message the recipient needs to have an internet connection, it is more reliable to send messages that require an instant delivery by SMS to ensure that the recipient receives your message in good time.

Top tip: a quick way to select all students in the school is to use the group MIS Tier – All Tiers (only available for schools using SIMS), which will save you some time when sending out urgent messages to the whole school.

To check your current number of credits within Schoolcomms click the Messaging icon on the left-hand side of the screen, then select Compose Message at the top of your screen.

Within the text messaging screen, you will see the Text Credits icon on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Click on this icon and you will be shown how many credits you currently have.

To view the bundles available, click the Order A Text Credit Bundle drop down.

New Text Credits screenshot.png

Select which bundle you wish to purchase and enter your Purchase order number. If you have an unlimited text licence then please enter ‘Unlimited’, you will not be charged. Click confirm to finalise your order. Your texts are available immediately and you will be invoiced for your chosen bundle. The cost of each text depends on which bundle you purchase.


Bundle size

Bundle Price

















50,000 £2,250 0.045




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