Direct Debit missed collections

What has happened?

We did not collect payments from some parents at your school, where the payment attempt was made using ParentPay’s One-click payment via Direct Debit from their bank accounts. This impacted a small number of payments made between 8th September and 1st November 2023.

This means that whilst ParentPay allocated the funds to your school, we did not collect the money from the parents’ bank accounts. We now need to submit these payments for processing by their bank.

The parent and your school are not required to do anything.

Are you permitted to collect the payment(s) late?

Yes, banking (BACS) rules say that there is no cut off for collecting funds due to us.  We are obliged to notify the payer of an unscheduled collection or change in value within three working days of collection.  We are providing five working days’ notice.

How did you contact my parents?

We have sent an email to impacted parents, detailing the payment(s) we have missed and the amount now owing. We have given them five days’ notice of collection of the payment(s), so they can ensure they have the funds in their bank account.

When will their payment be collected?

The money will clear from their bank account within four days of submitting the payment. Their email will tell them when we will submit their payment(s).

What will happen if they do not have the funds in their account when you attempt to collect the payment?

The payment(s) will fail, and they will see this confirmed in their ParentPay account. We will also email them, and they will see a system message on screen when they log in explaining this.

You will be notified via normal reporting so you can contact the parents for payment should they subsequently not make a payment.

If a payment fails how will this affect my settlement?

As we have already settled these payments to your school bank account, we will reclaim the amount of the failed payment from your next settlement if a subsequent payment is not made before that.

Will you block the parents from using One-click payments if their payment(s) fails?

No, this is our error so they can continue to use One-click payments and benefit from the ease of use it brings.

Can they still use One-click payments?

Yes, their Direct Debit mandate remains valid, and they can continue as normal to make payments.

Why have you not contacted us?

We have contacted payers as they have made the payment; we need to ensure that we give them as much notice as possible before we collect the funds. We also wanted to do this to reduce the contact to schools as much as possible.

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