How Do I Replace the Parent on a Pupil’s Account

Families can be dynamic things. You may need to replace the primary payer for various reasons. This could be a simple fix like your pupil upload took mums details and dad is the primary payer or it could be a more complex reason such as a looked after child or court order. The process is the same and just requires a few simple steps.

  This article will teach you...

How to add a new payer, make them the key contact in ParentPay and remove the old payer from that child if needed.


It is important to note that changing the priority in your MIS and attempting to re-upload will not fix this!

There are two main actions to take;

  • adding the new payer
  • then optionally removing or changing the priority of the existing payer


You may find it useful to keep this page open and come back to it after each step.

Adding a new payer

To add a new payer please follow this guidance: How do I create a second payer (additional payer) account


Dealing with the existing payer record

If you wish to remove the existing payer follow this guidance: How do I remove a Payer from a child's account?

If you wish to keep the existing payer but change the priority follow this guidance: How do I switch key and secondary contacts

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