Payment Reports

To access the reports:

  • Log into Schoolcomms and click on Payments > Payment Reports.
  • Once you are in Payments select Payment Reports from the left-hand side menu. This will bring up a list of the reports and a description of each report is listed alongside the report name to help you distinguish which report you need.
Please note: Only payment requests with a fixed payment type / reducing balance will show a due amount/balance. All other payment types will show a £0.00 balance/due amount. 

The reports include:

  • Transaction Day Book – This report will display the payments and refunds made between two dates and also any CFR and additional cost centre codes.
    CFR transaction day book.png
  • Payment Request Overview –This report will display who’s paid, who has money outstanding, who is overdue for a selected payment request.
  • History by school member or payer – This report will display payments or refunds for each school member or payer and also any CFR and additional cost centre codes.
    CFR history by school member or payer.png
  • Settlement Reconciliation – This report will display settlements broken down by payment requests also any CFR and additional cost centre codes.
    settlement reconciliation report.png
  • Settlement Transaction details – This report will display the settlements broken down by transaction.
  • Settlement by Payment Request – This report will display the total settled by payment request and also any CFR and additional cost centre codes.
    settlement by payment request report.png
  • All Overdue amounts – This report will display all overdue amounts for each payment request.
  • Audit Trail – This report will show payment actions carried out by each school user. tracks refunds, manual payments, payment requests and edits.
  • Unsettled Transactions – This report will display online transactions that are successful but are yet to be disbursed to yourselves, where as the 'Balances Available to Refund' report only accounts for payments that have physically been paid out to us by our payments provider, so the latter will always be a smaller figure than the former as transactions are not immediately paid out to us by the providers. You will also be able to view any CFR and additional cost centre codes.
    unsettled transactions report.png

Click on the report you wish to view. To filter on a column, click the Filter icon within the column header and select the drop-down arrow. To save a report select Export or you can print the report by selecting Print in the top right corner.

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