How to find missing or lost emails

This article will help you use the Search tool in the Tablet inbox so you can access historical emails that may not be visible in the inbox.

  This article will teach you...

How to search for historical emails using the Search tool by setting the date range.

  1. Sign into your tablet, open Kitchen Manager and select the Email App [1].
  2. In the Inbox press the Magnifying Glass [2] icon.
  3. Press the Date [3] option to set the date range.


    When setting the Date Range you should keep this to under 3 months.   

  4. Press the Pick a date range [1] option.
  5. In the Pick a date range screen press the From date [2] to open the date selection tool.
  6. Use the Previous [3] and Next [4] buttons to set the month, press the desired From date [5] in the calendar, and press the OK [6] button.
  7. Repeat this process to set the To date [7] then press the Okay [8] button.
  8. Repeat these steps with a different date range to access other historical emails as required.


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