Partial Child Care voucher payments

When creating a club, it is possible to accommodate parents who want to make a partial payment using Child Care vouchers and then pay the remaining amount as a cash payer.

To do this:

  • Create your club as normal.
  • Create a connecting expired club payment request and only add the pupils whose parents wish to pay using childcare vouchers; the visible from, visible to, and due date must be in the past, i.e., yesterday’s date – this will not be visible via School Gateway but will allow you to process CCV payments via the manual transaction process. The voucher paying pupils will need to be removed from the connecting active request to ensure that they can book and won't be forced to make a payment. Please click here to access information to assist you with this.
  • Once set up correctly, parents whose children have been added to the expired payment request will be able to book club sessions and will not be asked to make payment. Once the school receive the voucher they can then be applied to the pupil via manual transactions

For the remaining payments that they would like to pay as normal you would provide the parent with a PayPoint voucher. 

Please click here to access information to assist you with PayPoint.


Club balances for Child Care voucher payers will update in line with the voucher payments being applied via the manual transaction process.

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