Version 99 Overview


Please note this overview contains information for Sprint updates 94 - 99.

School roll number import update

The end date is no longer mandatory when using the import function, it now matches the site ID, which is a more reliable validation process that will also alert users if the maths isn’t right.

Whiteboard Cutoff Time

Caterers can choose a time of day at which to cut off classroom (whiteboard) ordering. The latest available cut-off time is 00:00 - 12 pm.

Removing Menu Items Warning Message

When a user removes a menu item from a Live menu the following warning message will appear:


[number of affected records] is the number of pre-orders that will be deleted if you continue with this change.

Would you like to continue?”

Meal Numbers by Selection Channel Report

A new report has been added to Payments > Analysis.

Meal Numbers by Selection Channel report breaks down how many pre-orders have been made via parent booking, whiteboard or manager app

Deleting Pre-Orders

When a user deletes a menu item from a menu they will be informed of how many pre-orders will be deleted

Recipe Sections 

Users are now able to create sections in Menus > Recipes, sections can be used to organize stock items in your recipes. For more information please see the following article.

Payments Module New UI Access 

Access has been temporarily removed in preparation for the roll-out of the wider release of the updated "Meals" module UI (coming in Feb). The Payments > Analysis dashboard will not be accessible until the Meals module is released.

Meal Prices 

Meal Prices must be updated in the old UI. Updating meal prices in the new UI is temporarily disabled while we work on a meal prices overhaul which will be released in late February. For more information on the changes being made to Meal Prices please see the following article.

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