Unlocking and Reactivating Account

Users can manually unlock and re-open closed Cypad accounts.

  This article will teach you...

How to unlock or reactivate your cypad account.

Why has my account been closed or locked?

Accounts will be locked if you enter the incorrect password multiple times.

For security reasons, your Cypad user account will be closed if it has been “inactive” (i.e. you have not logged in) for 90 consecutive days.


If your account is closed and you don't see the Reactivate option you will need to speak to your administrator about re-opening your account. 

Reactivating and Unlocking Cypad Account

  1. Click Reactivate [1].
    1. Reactivate.png
  2. Enter Username/E-Mail [2].2. Entering EmailPassword.png


    All accounts should have an email address associated with them. If you do not get an email, then it might be because you did not have an email address at the time the account was closed. In this case, please contact the Support team.

  3. Click Send Me the Reactivation Code [3].
  4. Enter the 4-digit Verification Code [4] sent to your e-mail inbox.3. 4-Digit.png
  5. Click Next [5].
  6. In the Reset your Password screen enter a new password in the New Password field, repeat the password in the Confirm New Password field and click Save.
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