How to create and apply Break and Breakfast menus

Users can create 3 different types of Menus on Cypad; Break, Breakfast and Lunch.

Please note:
To allow break selections to be made in the whiteboard, please ensure you select the “Enable break pre-selection” checkbox in Cypad > Settings > Site info > Whiteboard.

Breakfast and Break items (unless created as a dessert) can only be ordered on the Whiteboard or in Cypad Transactions after the 3pm sync. It isn't possible for parents/staff members to pre-order on School Gateway.


Creating Break and Breakfast Menus

  1. Navigate to Menus > Menus.
  2. Within the Navigation Bar, click Breakfast [1] or Break [2].
    Break and Breakfast Add.png
  3. Located on the far right, open the Actions Menu [3].
  4. Click Add Menu [4].

  5. Set Menu Description (Name) [5].
  6. Select either Break or Breakfast within the Menu Category Drop-Down [6].
  7. Choose which Areas [7] the Menus will be visible to.
  8. Click Save [8].
    Menu Description.png


    The process for both Breakfast and Break Menus is exactly the same.

  9. Within the Category List [9], click on the newly Created Menu [10].
    Created Menu.png
  10. Click and Drag the Relevant Menu Items [11] into the Categories [12].
    Dragging Items.png
  11. Click Save.

Assigning Menus to Template

  1. Navigate to Menus > Template.
  2. Select the Template [1] to which the previously created Break or Breakfast Menu will be assigned.
    Template Menu.png
  3. Open either the Breakfast [2] or Break [3] categories to view all available menus.
    Template View.png
  4. Drag the relevant menu into the Breakfast or Break Category.
  5. Click Save.

Booking via the Whiteboard

When a site has added a break/breakfast option, students will be given the option to pre-select their break/breakfast on the whiteboard.


Click on Breakfast or Break > select a Class > select a Student > select a drink and breakfast / snack item > select OK or Redo


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