Change of MIS system

In order to enable uploads from your new MIS to ParentPay, we must first carry out a data matching exercise to ensure that all existing pupil/staff accounts are retained.


If you are moving to Arbor or Bromcom please review the specific guidance below -


Pupil Data 

Please extract a complete pupil file (csv) from your new MIS system.

The following data is required:

  • Admission number
  • UPN
  • Surname
  • Chosen name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Group_code
  • Reg group
  • Free_meal

Once you have the Pupil file exported please upload this onto your school ParentPay site under Communication > Files. 



If you also have staff on ParentPay we will need to match the staff data before the option can be enabled with your new MIS system. 

Many staff names and IDs were originally input manually into ParentPay. When you move to another MIS system the names and ID can often change.

It is extremely important that the data is checked properly to ensure that you do not have duplicate accounts and mismatched balances.



Please get in touch with the support team via to request a staff file for you to complete.

We will then upload this for you onto your school ParentPay site under Communication > Files

Note: To open the file, Right click on the file name, select Save 'Save link as...'  choose where to save it on your device and click Save.  Go to the saved location and you can open in the usual manner.


This file contains the staff currently on your ParentPay site.

The names and ID’s as stored in ParentPay are in columns A, B,C and D (Please do not amend these)


We now require you to enter the information from your new MIS system in the columns as below:

  • Preferred First name in column F
  • Preferred Last name in column G
  • New ID/Admission number in column H
  • Legal First name in column I
  • Legal Last name in column J
  • Any Comments - this can indicate a name change or that the staff member has left  

Please ensure that the ID, preferred and legal names have been checked correctly against the data held in your new MIS system.


We do not need to know of any new staff members who may be in your new MIS system but are not currently in ParentPay.


Once you have completed the staff data match file please upload this to Communication > files on ParentPay.




Please note that if the staff data match process is not followed correctly this could lead to duplicate staff accounts, incorrect balances and lost payer accounts.



You must ensure that the correct information is given to prevent any data issues.

The data that you supply is used to perform the matching exercise. ParentPay cannot be held responsible for any incorrect data supplied.

Any exceptions (records failed to match) may have a new record created in ParentPay. If this is the case, you will have to provide the staff member with a new activation letter, re-match their account on the till system (if applicable) and manually transfer any balance(s).


For example...

You may have a member of staff on ParentPay called Jane Smith who has recently got married, and is now Jane Hall but her name on ParentPay is still Jane Smith. 

The existing account on ParentPay will shows as -


If in you new MIS system Jane shows as "598 Jane Hall" - this is conflicting data.

The system will not recognise that Jane Smith is Jane Hall.


This is why the data needs to be correctly matched so that our technical team can amend the ID's and names of your staff members prior to the new MIS system to ensure that there are no errors. 

If this is not corrected prior to the change of systems, Jane's existing account on ParentPay will be archived, along with her balance and payer account. The school would then be responsible for transferring the balance manually and the staff member would need to activate the new account. 



PLEASE NOTE: After you have submitted a file for data matching, you MUST NOT perform an upload from your old / current MIS system.


Please note that it can take up to 2 weeks for the data match and we will send confirmation when the process has been completed.




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