Version 191 Overview

Direct Debit Payment Dates

One-Click payment receipts have been updated to include the estimated date a direct debit will be taken from the users bank account.

Visa Click to Pay Removal

The Visa Click to Pay (VCTP) option will soon be removed from the Parent application for all users, though an exact date has not currently been determined. Users who have not previously used/signed up to VCTP will be unable to enroll in the Visa online checkout.

In conjunction with the above, the VCTP button will be hidden for users who have not currently registered for Visa checkout and will be required to input their card details on the secure checkout page. Existing users who are currently signed up to use VCTP will still have access to this payment method for the time being.

When an existing user uses VCTP to complete a payment, a prompt will be displayed on the receipt informing Users of the imminent removal of VCTP. Users will be encouraged to create a direct debit mandate to enable usage of One Click Payments, a guidance link will be provided to users so they can complete this process.

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