Payer Guidance - A Payer has asked for the One-Click Payment service to be re-instated


If a parent has a failed payment 

If a parent gets in touch to advise that their Bank Transfer option has been disabled then this could be due to several reasons. 


The parent will receive an email as per below -

Direct Debit Disabled Screenshot.png

Why did the payment fail?

Failed payments typically occur when ParentPay is unable to collect money from a payers bank as part of the bank transfer process.

You can see these in the Failed bank transfer payments report in Payment Items > Reports

When such a failure occurs, the payer is notified via email and through a notification on their account when they next log in.

The parent can continue to make payment using credit or debit card but will not have the option to use the One-Click option anymore. 


Can the service be enabled again?


We can reinstate the One-Click bank transfer option for a parent but would need the school to request this via email to and confirm the parents email address. 


This is because when a One-click payment is made the funds are applied to the pupil's balance. 

Payments are given a Pending status while a One-click Payment transaction is being processed by the parent's bank.  

The payment is part of your weekly settlement and therefore the service fee and VAT is applicable. 


If the payment then fails, the pupil's balance is debited which can leave the pupil's account in a deficit. 

The school have also covered the service fee and VAT on the payment.


In order to reduce debt balances for schools the One-Click payment option can only be reinstated if the school request this. 




You can see more on One-Click payments here -





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