How to create a Barcode / PayPoint Letter for a Trip


The existing barcode letter templates on the system are designed to show the balance on the payment item, rather than the total cost and amount paid which is often useful when generating a trip letter. 


To create a new Trip barcode letter please follow the steps below -


1. Within your ParentPay manager account, navigate to Communication > Create letter

2024-04-10 14_12_39-Comms Image.png


2. Change the Template name to 'Trip Barcode Letter'

Template name.png

3. Scroll to the bottom of the letter and select to Edit letter

Edit letter.png


4. You can then copy and paste the following text into the letter area -


<b>IMPORTANT:</b> This letter contains sensitive information and must be managed carefully.

Parent or Carer of <consumerforename/> <consumersurname/>


Dear Parent/Carer

<b>Pupil: <consumerforename/> <consumersurname/> Class: <class/></b>

<b>You have requested an alternative method of payment for <service/>. </b>

The cost of this trip - <paymentitem/> is <paymentitemamount/>.
The total paid to date is <totalpaid/>.

If you do not have access to the internet or prefer to continue using cash, you can pay for this in local convenience stores displaying the PayPoint logo. Please take this letter and payment in cash to the local PayPoint store. Show this letter and give the cash to the till provider who will scan the barcode.

PayPoint payments are recorded in your ParentPay account alongside any online payments; please allow up to 48 hours for PayPoint payments to credit your account.

It is possible for you to check your balance, payment and meal history by logging onto ParentPay, even if you choose to pay via PayPoint. Please log onto As a reminder, here are your ParentPay account activation codes:

<b>Username: <loginname/> Password: <password/></b>

Please do not hesitate to call the school if you have any problems.

Yours sincerely
Head Teacher


The merge fields pull through the data specific to the trip/ pupils selected. The template above is set so that the Trip name, total due and total already paid will pull through. 

You can amend the letter template if needed but please ensure you follow the guidance below on how to use Merge fields. 


You can find further information on Merge Fields below -


4. Once the changes have been made, select Continue in the bottom right hand corner

5. Once you have made the relevant changes, click Continue to Message options

6. Set the Priority to Normal

7. Set Send to as Primary payer only: one message/child.


8. Select Continue to Add people

9. At the top of the page in the Add people / payment items section, select Payment Item – All assigned in the Add group drop down box. Then select the Payment Item/Trip you want to print off the barcoded letter for in the Option 2 drop down.

Please note: you can only add one payment item per letter.


 10. Click Add to add the item/trip group to the selected people section


11. To select an individual person to the letter, select the Add recipients drop-down menu again, and select An Individual. You can locate and select the pupil in Option 2 section, and select Add to add them to the letter

12. If a Payment Item/Trip or recipient group is not added to the letter, you will see a Red Error Message stating ‘No Group specified.


13. Once you have added your recipients, you can click Continue to Preview

14. To review the details of individual pupils/staff that the letter will be sent to, View recipients and preview messages at the top of the page


15. Review the information for the message run, and select Send messages

Please note: Selecting Send messages for a printed letter will not automatically print the letters. It will allow you to review the letters in a PDF format before choosing whether to print them.


16. The message summary page will then show


17. Select View and print PDFs to open then PDF documents and print them off (The PayPoint barcode will appear at the bottom of the letter)





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