Bromcom Pre Admissions



The Bromcom MIS integration will need to be set up and configured before use.  This is often configured for pupils automatically during onboarding or a planned migration between MIS providers, though you will often need to request staff or pre-admissions to be added.
You will find full details on how to do this in the article How to set up the Bromcom MIS integration for uploading pupils, staff, and pre-admissions.


One you have added your pre admission pupils into Bromcom you can use the API on ParentPay to upload them onto the system.



Please note that the Bromcom guidance advises you to finalise the pre admission.

Please DO NOT finalise the pre admissions.


In order for the pupils to pull through to ParentPay they need to be be on roll in Bromcom with a future start date. 

However you cannot 'Finalise' the preadmission pupils on Bromcom otherwise they will then become 'Pupils' and are no longer classed as preadmissions.  They will then only come across via a pupil upload on the start date listed in Bromcom.


If you have already finalised the Pre admissions then you will need to reverse this by withdrawing the confirmation from the pre admissions. 

Please contact Bromcom for further guidance on how to do this. 


For further guidance on uploading pupil and staff from Bromcom please see below  - 

How to upload pupils, staff, and pre-admissions into ParentPay using the Bromcom Integration



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