Delete leavers process CSV

If you need to make any changes to the details for a School Member (such as their registration group) or you need to add or remove a member you will need to update your CSV file and re-import it in to Schoolcomms.

Once you have updated your spreadsheet re-import the new data.

If you have removed a member you can now delete them from Schoolcomms.

To delete leavers in Schoolcomms:

  • Click on Management
  • Import Management
  • You will then see Delete Leavers, select this option and highlight the members you want to delete in the left-hand box and select Add. 
  • Click OK to confirm the members for deletion.
    When the delete leavers process is followed and you receive the success message, the leavers will be queued for deletion from our database, so you may continue to see members who are in the process of being deleted for a short period of time until they are removed (this timescale will depend on the number of leavers being deleted).
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