Version 192 Overview

One Click Payments Minimum Payments (Revised)


Please be aware that the release notes information has been updated. Previously, the minimum payment for One Click card payments was set at £1. This has now changed. The release notes below have been revised to reflect the new minimum payment requirements.

One Click payments are currently set to 1p with the exception of card payments which has a minimum of £1.00 so if a payer attempts to make a payment with card for an item that is less than the £1.00 threshold an error message will appear within the order summary.

Payers who do not already have One-click payments set up on their Parent Account will now be notified that they can set up One-click payments and can continue to make payment for items in their basket that are below the minimum card payment value. If the payer does not want to set up One-click payments they can add further items to their basket, or they can add credit to their Parent Account to complete payment for the item(s) below the minimum card payment value.  Any users that are blocked from using One-click payments will continue to see the original error message.

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