Error when creating a new menu

When creating a new menu you need to ensure that your term dates and event periods are set correctly. If your current dates conflict with the menu you may get an error message.

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How to correct any errors when trying to create a new menu.

There are 2 errors you could be seeing when creating a new menu. 

The first is 'The menu dates selected exceed the expected term dates' -

error menu.png

This means that the menu dates you have entered are not covered by your current calendar dates. 


A menu always needs to run from a Monday to a Sunday

If you are trying to add a new Summer menu that should run until Sunday 28th July but have the error above then you will need to check the calendar dates to see if the Summer term end date is set to 28/07/2024.

You can check the calendar dates as below -

  1. Select Settings [1] > Manage Calendar [2]Manage_calander_2.png
  2. Under Manage term dates [3] select the correct Academic year the select the Choose [4] button.
  3. You can then amend the calendar date as needed and change the Last day of term [3] to a Sunday and Save changes [4].calendar.png

If your last day of school for the Summer term is a Wednesday you can then add the Thursday and Friday into the system as a Closing day as per the Guidance here -


The second error you could be seeing is 'The menu dates selected exceed your current event periods' -

menu error 2.png

This means that the menu date you have selected is not covered by your current event period. 

  1. To correct this Go to Attendance, Meals and Events [1] > Settings [2] and then Click Event Types and Prices [3]
  2. Choose the Event Time [4] and Event Type [5] Click Manage Periods [6] event price.png
  3. You will then see that the current event period is not set for a long enough period to cover your new menu dates [7].
  4. Enter the new Start date, End date, Price, FSM price to diner, Price to school and VAT rate [8].
  5. Select the relevant Payment item
  6. Select to Save [9]

event 789.png


Now that the calendar and event types have been set correctly you will be able to create your new menu.

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