Cypad - SIMS Integration for Customers Using Versions Below 76

Due to upcoming changes to the DFE, SIMS is updating their attendance codes, requiring an update to the Cypad SIMS integration. While most connectors will automatically adjust to these changes, some older versions will not. After updating the Cypad SIMS integration to the latest version, it will automatically receive all future updates.

  This article will teach you...

How to integrate sims for users on versions below 76.

Uninstalling Cypad SIMS Integration

  1. Log in to the PC where SIMS is installed using an Administrator account and navigate to the Cypad SIMS Integration installation directory.
  2. Right click to copy the Settings Folder [1] and paste this folder in a directory outside of Program Files Directory.

  3. Open Programs and Features within the Control Panel, and search for Cypad SIMS Integration [2].
  4. Right click on Cypad SIMS Integration and click uninstall/change to remove the existing program.
  5. Cypad Uninstallation wizard will appear and the Uninstall Option [3] needs to be selected.
  6. Once confirmed, click Next [4] and follow the process.

Installing the New Cypad SIMS Integration


Please ensure that the configuration settings you backed up earlier are placed back within the Cypad SIMS Integration folder.

  1. Once uninstalled, download the new cypad sims integration version using the following link:
  2. Close the Cypad SIMS Integrations Settings window.
  3. Click on the Cypad SIMS Integration Settings window and verify the configurations. You should see the values in input fields relevant to SIMS installation under SIMS Settings. Press Save & Close button. If any errors are shown, refer to following support article.
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