Creating a Case

  Table of Contents
  1. Create a Case Type
  2. Create a Case Type Category
  3. Create a Case Action Type

NOTE: After creating a case type and case action, then you must create some questions. Refer to Designing a Case Questionnaire

Create a Case Type

Go to Cases > Design > Add Case Type


  1. Case Name: Keep the case name simple and easy to identify.
  2. Description: Be specific when adding a case description.
  3. Sign-off: This can either be ‘No Signature’, ‘1 Signature’ or ‘2 Signatures’.
  4. Notes: Use the Notes section to detail any specific requirements that must be done for the case type.
  5. Email: Enter the email address of the person/department that will handle the case.
  6. Prefix: Use an abbreviation of the case type name i.e. Playground Accident (PGA).
  7. Starting Number: The recommended starting number should be 001.
  8. Icon: You can add an Icon to make these cases easy to identify. Go to Choose File button [1] > Select your icon image file [2] > Click Open [3].


NOTE: Keep icon files small and simple, too much detail will not be visible.

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Create a Case Type Category

Cases can be divided in to different categories using the Case type [1] drop down menu. Go to Cases > Admin [4] > Case Type Categories [2] > Select a Case Type [1] > Click the Add [3] button.


  1. Give the Case Type Category a short and specific Description [5].
  2. Make sure the Case Type [6] is set to the correct type for the Case Description [5].
  3. Press Save [7] to create the Case Type Category.
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Create a Case Action Type

After setting up Case type categories you must set up an Action Type to be followed. Go to Cases > Admin [3] > Action Types [1] > Add [2]


  1. Name: Give the action a name that clearly identifies what it’s for.
  2. Description: In the description outline why this action is required and anything important that must be done to complete the action.
  3. Days to finish: All actions must have a set amount of days the action must be completed by.
  4. Report to: Add the details for the person the action must be reported to:
    • Name: Identify who is responsible for doing the action.
    • Email: Add their email address.
    • Phone: Add their main contact number i.e. office phone number.
    • Mobile: Add their mobile number.
  5. Save: Press Save to add the Action Type to the list.


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