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 Table of Contents

  1. Years
  2. Variable Meal Pricing by Year
  3. Importing Data
  4. Parent Messages & Fun facts
  5. Debt Indicator Limits


The Years section allocates Key Stage and UISFM data to the relevant school years which will impact the Analysis reports and helps populate the KPIs. The year descriptions are automatically imported upon integration of a school to the system. The Description entries [1] can be manually edited by clicking on the desired Description entry to open the Year Details window.


IMPORTANT: Avoid changing the year details of years like N, N1, N2, and Nursery. They tend to have special conditions related to the types of students and their dietary needs.

In the Year Details window you can edit the Description [2], weather it is UISFM [3] and change the Key Stage assignment [4].

Click Save [5] when you have made your adjustments.

Click Delete [6] to delete the entry from the Description table.

Click Add [7] to add a new entry into the table, this follows the same rules as the Year Details window.


When a Description entry [8] is selected on the Description table you can move the selected entry up or down the list using the Up and Down arrows [9].

You can Export [10] a copy of the Description table as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Variable Meal Pricing by Year

Meal prices are currently defined in Menus Items, Kitchen Manager Sites and Payments Admin. All these prices are defined per Student Type e.g. Nursery, Student, etc.

With the introduction of Meal prices by year group, prices will be defined at two more levels, the price priority is given in following hierarchy:

  1. Year pricing set against Menu Items
  2. Type pricing set against Menu Items
  3. Year pricing set against a Site
  4. Type pricing set against a Site
  5. Year pricing set against Payments Admin
  6. Type pricing set against the Payments Admin

Go to Payments > Admin > Meal Prices > Set pricing by year [1] checkbox


If the Set pricing by year checkbox is not ticked the pricing by year table will not be visible on the Meal prices page.

In the pricing by year table, fill in the price columns for the Main meal, Desert, Drink and Light Lunch. Columns left as 0.00 will mean the meal prices will default to the Type table [2] prices.

When you have filled in the pricing by year table click Save [3].

NOTE: To set meal prices at Site level, refer to Sites - Variable Meal Pricing by Year

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Importing Data

IMPORTANT: When a Site is integrated with a payment provider such as ParentPay or SchoolComms, importing of students or student related information is blocked as the payment provider or a third party will be the student information holder.

Go to Payments > Admin > Import > set Import type [1]


Download the Template [2] to your computer, fill in the spreadsheet with your data and save it to your desktop.

Click the Choose File [3] button, select the saved spreadsheet and click Save [4] to Import it.

NOTE: The Excel templates are formatted with the Fields identified in the Field Order list [5]. Admin users can import student records using the SIMS ID field [6], where available, and still import students where names are mismatched. 

Once the spreadsheet has been imported it will be checked for errors, if successful the import will be complete.

  • Student & Parent data
    • Students (FSM full list)
      This template is used to import new student’s data to the database.
    • Students (FSM update list)
      This template is used to update existing student data on the database.
    • Students (Import Students)
      This template is used to import student’s data to the database. The SIMS ID field has been added to the Field order list to match existing students in the import. In cases where the SIMS ID is not available the Student Surname and Forename is used.
    • Update Students + Parents
      This template is used to update both student and parent data at the same time rather than filling in and importing the Students (Import Students) and Parents templates separately. When updating data the  Student record should exist in the system and the  Parent record should not exist in the system .
    • Parents
      This template includes fields for the parents mobile and home phone numbers.
      NOTE:When adding a parent the following fields are compulsory to allow the user to link Parent 1 and Parent 2 with a student record. Failure to fill in these compulsory fields will prevent the parent from being added.
      • Address 1
      • Address 2
      • Post Code
  • Payments & Initial Balances 
    • Payments (Missing web)
      This template is used to update missing web payment information, where applicable.
    • Initial Balances
      This template is used to import School Comms initial balance information when setting up a new site. 
  • Year-end Information
    This template is is no longer in use.
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Parent Messages & Fun facts


 Table of Contents

  1. SMS Message
  2. Sign-in Message
  3. Payment Message
  4. Selection Message
  5. Fun Facts

SMS Message

In the event a student has a school meal debt outstanding the Parent SMS Message [1] feature is available to send the parent a SMS message to make them aware that there is an outstanding debt that needs paying.


NOTE: There is an Example [2] provided of how to write an SMS debt alert. 

When you have written the Debt SMS message for a debt owed in the Previous Year [3] or the Current Year [4] text field click Save [5] to send the message.

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Message

Legacy - this functionality is being phased out in 2020


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Payment Message

Legacy - this functionality is being phased out in 2020


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Selection Message

The Selection Message [1] is the scrolling message that can be added to the Fun Facts feature.


Enter the message that will be displayed on the whiteboard using the Text message field [2], set an Expiry date [3] and click Save [4].

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Fun Facts

In the Fun Facts [1] feature you can Add [2] additional facts to the list and use the Active check boxes [3] to decide which facts will be visible on the whiteboard.


When you have made your selection click Save [4].

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Debt Indicator Limits

For debt indicator limits at contract level set the Debt limit [1] per User Type [2]


If £0 is entered into in the Debt limit it will hide the student's on the whiteboard and they will not be able to choose from the FSM menu. In order to make the student's visible on the whiteboard and select from the FMS menu set the debt limit to -£0.01.

The Show year six debts in red [3] function is to identify debts that are going to be unrecoverable as the students will no longer be at the school. 

When you have set the debt indicator limits click Save [4].

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