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  1. Add Calendar template
  2. Edit existing template
  3. Assign to a Site
  4. Data Collection App

The Data Collection App can Sync with the Holiday and Training dates recorded on the Desktop System Admin Calendar. This allows the Data Collection App Calendar to skip holiday weeks when showing the previous weeks data allowing Kitchen staff to see what happened in the last working week.

Add Calendar template

Go to System > Admin > Calendar [1] > Templates > Add Template [2]


In the Description [1] field give New Calendar Template a name and click Save [2].


Click on one of the calendars days to set either Holiday [1] or Inset Days [2] and click Save [3].


NOTE: When setting holiday periods, be aware that the site will be unable to place orders with suppliers to be delivered on a holiday date.

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Edit existing template

Click the Existing Template [1] and select Edit Calendar Template [2] to open the Edit Calendar window. Enter a new calendar name in the Description [3] field and click Save [4].


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Assign to a Site

Go to Sites > select your Site > select the Kitchen tab [1]


In the Calendar Template [2] field select a template and click Save [3].

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Data Collection App

In the Kitchen Manager App open the Data Collection App to view the calendar. Holiday [1] (marked in Green on the Desktop calendar) are grayed out on the Tablet Data Collection calendar.


Inset Days (marked in Purple on the Desktop calendar) are not highlighted on the Tablet Data Collection calendar.

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