Users - Order approval limits

Admin users can set an Order approval limit [1] cap on how much a Unit Manager can spend. Large orders over the Order approval limit will need to be approved by the Admin user.

Go to System > Users > Manager [2] or Unit Manager > Edit User window Info tab [3]


Set the Order approval limit and click Save [4].

Important:  This feature will only work if the ‘Orders Need Manager Approval’ setting is enabled for your suppliers. 

Go to Kitchen Manager > Admin [1] > Suppliers [2] > select a Supplier > Info tab [3] > tick the Orders Need Manager Approval checkbox [4]


When a making an order on the Tablet or Desktop the order will bet set to Pending Approval. In Kitchen Manager Orders [1] left mouse click on the Pending Approval Order [2] and select Accept [3].


Users with an Order limit set, you will receive the following error message:


You will not be able to approve the order; you will need to speak with the Admin User who will have approval to place an order that exceeds the applied Order Limit.

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