Staff App - Enter contract hours for split shift or non-split shift

When a member of staff enters hours for the shift/day, in the pop-up window there is an option to enter the Contract hours.

Go to Kitchen Manager App > open Staff App > press the Day cell [1] in the Day column for a member of staff


The label underneath the Contract hours [2] states the Total contract hours [3] for the day is…

The hours entered on the On-screen keypad [4] cannot be more than the Contract hours for that member of staff for the day. Mobile staff can edit the Contract hours [2] as required. Press the Edit icon [5] to edit the total contracted hours. 

To edit staff hours after being recorded, click on the Day cell [1] in the Staff window to open the Staff hours screen and click on Worked hours [6].


In the Staff hours screen click on the Contract hours Edit icon [2] to manually change the Total Worked hours [1] time restriction.

For Kitchen Manager Staff support, refer to Staff - Enter contract hours for split shift or non-split shift.