Staff hours check-in / check-out times and PIN enabling for Tablet

Go to Staff > Admin > Configure [1]


If checked, un-check Enable staff extra hours [2].

Check Populate staff hours [2] from attendance.

Check Allow staff to record Non-productive hours [4], this is optional.

NOTE: Non-productive hours are usually associated with paid time off. The administrator must email Cypad Support a list of reasons (e.g. sick time, vacation, jury duty, etc.) for the catering manager or cook to record against the Non-productive hours if it is enabled.

Click Save [5].


Staff PIN setup

Documents with sensitive data e.g. DBS checks can be shared with staff members on the tablet behind a PIN.

Go to Staff > Admin > Configure [1] > check the Use staff PIN code on tablet [2] checkbox and Use staff PIN code in staff documents [3] checkbox


Set the PIN number length [4], this is limited to 3 or 4 numbers, and click Save [5].

PIN numbers need to be added in Staff > Staff > choose staff

NOTE: If no PIN is setup with staff member the document will be visible to everyone.