Admin - Calendar: Setting up and Closing Financial Periods


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  1. Enabling Financial Periods
  2. Setting up Financial Periods
  3. Multi-level Financial Periods
  4. Closing Periods

To ensure data is accurate for reporting purposes you can prevent data entry, such as meal numbers or staff hours, in all modules for a fixed date range or reporting periods. These dates are based on the period set-up by the admin.


Enabling Financial Periods

Admin users have to request this functionality to be enabled, please contact Cypad support.

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Setting up Financial Periods

NOTE: If a new period is set up beyond 36 days in the past, or data is amended beyond 36 days in the past, it will not be picked up in the reports. To request a refresh of the data beyond 36 days in the past, please contact our Support Team..

Go to System > Admin > Calendar drop down menu Periods [1]


At the bottom of the page are the entry fields for creating a new entry. Give your entry a Period name [2] (10-character limit), set the Start date [3] and End date [4], press Enter on your keyboard and click Save [5].

After saving a New entry [1], the Associated calendar [2] will have Markers [3] to identify the period you have applied.


In the event you have saved an incorrect Start date [2] or End date [3], click on the Date [4], set a New End date [5] and click Save [1].


When the End Date is changed it is updated in the Entry field [1] and Calendar Markers [2].


If the period is auto-created the Description [3] is recorded as 'EndDateMonthEndDateYear' (e.g. Jan2019). Click on the Description and enter a description (10 character limit).

Press Enter to log the description and click Save [4] to save the added description.

NOTE: You cannot change the description of a closed period.

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Multi-level Financial Periods

Financial periods can be grouped to make it possible to analyse data in periods, quarters and years. These grouped Financial periods can be created with overlapping Start Dates [1] and overlapping End Dates [2] for admin users to group financial periods.


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Closing Periods

If you select a Period to close, and there are dates prior to the Close period, these periods will be automatically closed. You cannot select a period that is in the future. The Description column in the Close Periods table displays the attribute of each period. If the Period is auto-created the description is shown as 'Default'.

Go to System > Admin > Calendar > Close Periods [1] select either Soft Closed [2] or Closed [3] click Save [4].mceclip9.png

NOTE: Contact Cypad Support if you Close a period by mistake.

In the Warning popup click OK [5] when making a Soft Close or Close request.

Soft Closed Column

For financial periods where Soft Closed is applied, all data in the desktop app is un-editable except for Admin users.

NOTE: All data in the tablet app is un-editable by all users.

Closed By & Closed On Columns

For financial periods where Closed is applied when Soft Closed has not yet been applied a popup is triggered advising that the ‘This financial period has not been soft closed yet. Are you sure you want to continue?’. The user will be asked if they are sure they want to continue with the Close request.

  • Clicking the Yes button records the Closed By user and sets the Closed on [6] date.
  • Clicking the No button closes the popup and the Closed By and Closed on columns remain blank.

Close financial periods now effective on desktop and tablet

When Administrators close a financial period on the Desktop any changes made on the Tablet after the time the financial period was closed are not pushed to the Desktop. The data recorded on the tablet is replaced with the correct data from the Desktop.

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