Admin - Variable Meal Pricing by Year

Meal prices are currently defined in Menus Items, Kitchen Manager Sites and Payments Admin. All these prices are defined per Student Type e.g. Nursery, Student, etc.

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How to change/view Variable Meal Pricing.

Variable Meal Pricing Hierarchy

With the introduction of Meal prices by year group, prices will be defined at two more levels. The price priority is given in the following hierarchy:

  1. Year pricing set against Menu Items
  2. Type pricing set against Menu Items
  3. Year pricing set against a Site
  4. Type pricing set against a Site
  5. Year pricing set against Payments Admin
  6. Type pricing set against the Payments Admin

Navigate to Payments > Admin.

Select Meal Prices [1] from the navigation tree.

If the Set Pricing By Year [2] checkbox is not ticked the pricing by year table will not be visible on the Meal prices page.

In the Pricing by Year Table [3], fill in the price columns for Main, Desert, Drink, and Light Lunch. Columns left as 0.00 will mean the meal prices will default to the Type Table [4] prices.

When you have filled in the pricing by year table click Save [5].

Varibale Meal Prices.png

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