SOTI Remote Control


The SOTI MobiControl gives you the ability to view and remotely control devices using web-based SOTI Assist. Activate the Remote Control session [1] in MobiControl, in the REMOTE CONTROL pop-up [2] select Web-based [3], un-check the option to Ask me every time [4] then click the OK button [5] to open SOTI Assist in a new browser tab or window.

SOTI Assist Remote Control

SOTI Assist has a menu bar that runs across the bottom of the SOTI Assist screen and is always present when using Remote Control.

NOTE: When using the Remote Control view you can navigate the tablet using the mouse as you would on a touchscreen.

SOTI Assist menu bar icons explained

Camera button:
Take a screenshot of the device screen.

  1. Press the camera button to open the Screenshot pop-up window
  2. Give your screenshot a File Name [1].
  3. Give your screenshot a File Name [1].
  4. Click the Advanced [4] button to select a File Type [2], you can save your screenshot as a PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP.
  5. When you have given your screenshot a file name and file format click the Save Screenshot [6] button.
    NOTE: The Include device skin in screenshot [3] checkbox is not functional with the CYPAD App.
  6. If you do not want to take a screenshot click the Close [5] button.

Back Button:
Pressing this button will provide the same function as the back button on the device.

Open Menu Button:
Pressing this button will open the device menu. This is typically identified as three dots.

Colour Quality Button:
In the event you have a slow internet connection, use the Colour Quality button to change the colour quality. This will reduce any lag you are experiencing when using Remote Control.