User-created Asset questionnaire

Admin users can now add an Asset questionnaire to Assets. Only one questionnaire can be created, this questionnaire will be applicable to all Assets. 

Creating Asset questions

Go to Assets > Admin Tab > menu item Types [1] > Asset Questions [2] > Add [3].

In the Edit Question window use one of the following Type [1] options to create a custom question:

  • Text
  • Number
  • List
  • Yes/No
  • Header
  • Date

After filling in the questions, values, attributes and criteria click the Include question in summary [2] check box, then click Save [3].

NOTE: Asset reports will contain all the questions created in Asset Questions.

Editing Asset questions

If any changes are required after creating your questionnaire, left mouse click a question and select Edit question [1].

Answering the Asset questionnaire

Go to Assets Tab > Sites > select a Site [1] > Add [2] / Edit Asset [3] > Asset questions [4] tab > fill-in the Answer [5] column > add any useful notes in the Note [6] column > click Save [7].


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