Creating Event Forms and Ordering

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  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Desktop – Creating New Forms
  4. Tablet
  5. Desktop – Order Request & Invoicing


Event Forms are created and managed in Kitchen Manager on the Desktop. These forms are specifically created for hospitality events to provide the cooks with the option to request and order food and drink that is not typically available on the approved products list (e.g. canapé’s) on the Tablet. 

Getting Started

Enable Kitchen Manager Events App so the Cook can fill in the form on the Tablet.

Go to System > Admin > select the check box for Kitchen Manager Events App [1].

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Desktop – Creating New Forms

Go to Kitchen Manager > Design > Add Form.

Fill in the Details fields as you would for a new form. When selecting the Type set it to Event [2], this will enable the Events tab [1]. Select a Folder [3] to save the form to and click Save [4].

In the Events tab confirm if the Orders need Sign-off signatures [1] then set a Prefix [2] and Prefix starting number [3] for the order records.

In the Event column [7] enter the food and drink items required for the event.

In the Cost price column [5] enter the cost of each item for the event, the cost price is what you pay the supplier per item or glass.

In the Sale price column [4] enter the sale cost of each item at the event, the sale price is what the guests will pay per item or glass.

Click Save [6] to save the Event Form details.

NOTE To create a form for hospitality events before creating hospitality forms.

In Kitchen Manager Design collapsible menu, expand the folder where form is saved e.g. Hospitality [1] > select the new form > click Add Group [2].

Fill in the Group details and press Save [3].

After creating the Group, click the group entry and click Add Question [4].

When adding questions, you will need to provide information such as the…

  • Reason for the Event
  • Event Location
  • Event Site Name
  • Event Site Address
  • Event Date
  • Event Start Time
  • Event End Time
  • Number of attendees
  • Etc…

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Log into the tablet, open Kitchen Manager App, open the Events App [1] and click on the Event Form [2] that has been created.

In the Events screen click the New Form [1] button to open the Event Details [2] and Items ordering [3].

In the Event Details screen press on the First question [1], answer the question about the event and click Ok [2]. Do this for each of the Event Details questions, when the questionnaire is completed the Status indicator [4] will go green. You can now press the Items ordering [3] option.

In the Events ordering screen fill in the Order qty [1] column for each item, use the On-screen keypad [2] to enter the amount required and press OK [3].

When the Order qty [1] column is complete add any comments in the Notes section [4]. To complete the order press the Menu button [2] and press Complete Order [3].

After pressing Complete Order in the menu, a Confirmation pop-up [1] will appear. This will confirm you are completing your order. Be aware that once the order is placed the item order cannot be edited.

Press No [2] if there is a mistake on the order or if a change needs to be made.

Press Yes [3] to complete the order.

After pressing Yes [3] the order is placed and logged as Ordered [4] and Sync the tablet so the order will be available for the admin user to view in Desktop Kitchen Manager.

When the items are delivered, the cook will need to go back into the Event Form to record the supplied quantity. Using the Supplied qty column [1], click on the empty cell for each item, enter the number of items delivered using the On-screen keypad [2] and press OK [3].

NOTE In the event an ordered item is undeliverable or damaged on delivery please contact your administrator to advise.

After filling in the Supplied qty column [1] open the Menu [2] and press Signoff Supply [3].

In the Signoff Supply screen use the Signature Note [1] field to record any important notes. Enter your name in the Signed by [2] field, use the Yellow signature area [3] to record your signature, use the Clear [4] button if you need to re-do your signature, after the Second Signature [5] has been done press the Signoff button [6] to complete the signoff.

When the Signoff button [6] is pressed you will return to the Event selection screen, the event will be logged as Supplied [7]. Sync the tablet so the delivery information will be available for the admin user to view in Desktop Kitchen Manager.

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Desktop – Order Request & Invoicing

After the Cook has placed the food order for an Event you can start generating reports and invoices as PDF documents which will automatically download.

NOTE PDFs will be downloaded to your default download folder via the browser.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Events > set the Status to Ordered [1] > left mouse click the Event to open the Event options [2] > open Profit Report [3] to download the Profit Report PDF.

After the Cook has received the order delivery and update the Form by signing off supply on the tablet the Event status will change to Supplied. To view this, change the Status to Supplied [1], left mouse click the Event to open the Event options and click Generate Invoice [3].

After generating the Invoice the Event status will change to Invoiced. To view this, change the Status to Invoiced [1], left mouse click the Event to open the Event options and click Open Invoice [2] to download the Invoice PDF.

After the Event is done and the Invoices have been paid in full set the Event option to Close Form(s) [3].

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