Staff Training Courses new process flow

Navigation of the Staff training courses site have been improved for your convenience.

Go to Staff > Courses [3] > select a Course type [1] from the collapsible menu > click Add [2] to create a new course.

NOTE  The Max allowed limit is 1000 attendees.

Click the Add staff to course [4] button to open a new window which contains a list of staff. Select staff using the Select Checkbox [5] beside their names then press the Add button at the bottom of the window to confirm the staff selection.

NOTE: Click on the Column Header [6] for any category to filter to help isolate staff who have not done or completed the training.

Review the staff members attending and using the checkboxes [7] confirm whether staff members are attending.

When the course is complete/abandoned, use the Completed button [8] or Abandon button [9] to update it.

Click Save [10] to save the course and attendees.