Health check App - Version 4.5 mobile application changes


The following changes and adjustments have been made:

  • The App will auto logout after 10 mins of inactivity
  • There is now no text wrapping onto a 2nd line
  • Rows are now evenly spaced out
  • The Summary font size has been reduced
  • Database (DB) names on the Summary have had “CypadSQM” removed
  • The shade of grey when selecting a DB and elsewhere has been made lighter to improve visibility
  • The DB list is now sorted into alphabetical order (A to Z)
  • Knowledge Manager DBs are now visible on the DB list
  • Databases highlighted in bold are using version 4.4+ and are accessible in the Health check App
  • The Summary stock value has been changed to the following format 00.00
  • The DB name being access is now on the dashboard
  • The Primary uptake % rows spacing has been reduced and the result data is now right justified
  • Swipe left and right to change dates on displays like Primary Uptake %
  • When you return from a graph the row you selected will remain highlighted.


The following changes and adjustments have been made to the graphs:

  • The lines are now thicker and have a blob marker, columns are narrower in both portrait and landscape view
  • The header row no longer repeats itself
  • Y axis numbers have been increased in size for improved readability
  • The average line starts and stops alignment issue has been resolved.