Dual Tablet Bluetooth re-connect when Bluetooth connection lost

If the Bluetooth connection is lost between paired devices (e.g. the Student tablet (Slave device) is moved out of range from the Cook’s tablet (Master device)). The Slave device will automatically try to reconnect to the Master device, it will continue to do this until it re-connects. The Master device will do the same if it is out of range from the Slave device. Click here for the QuickRef video.

NOTE: Only the Master device can cancel the reconnect. Do the following to cancel the re-connection:

Press the Cancel button on the Master device Please Wait reconnecting device alert.

A Connection alert will pop up to confirm you want to disconnect from the other device. Click Yes to complete the disconnection request, press No if you accidentaly clicked the Cancel button.

When you disconnect the Master and Slave devices the Slave device will automatically close the CYPAD App.