Forms - Grid Form improvements

The layout of the Grid form report has been updated.

The sign-off table has been moved to the bottom of the report and the phrase ‘shift checks’ has been removed.


Go to Kitchen Manager > Forms > Status drop down [1] menu (Default: Set to All) > Form drop down menu [2] (set to Grid Form [3]).


Set the date to Period [4] > click the Date range [6] > hold down the Shift key and select the Start date [5] > still holding down the Shift key, select an End date [7] you want and click the desired date, release the Shift key.


Select a Grid file [8] to open > select Open Report [9] (All Questions).


The Grid file will be downloaded to your computer. At the bottom of the browser window you will see the Grid file [10], click the drop-down button [12] and select the Open [11] option to view the file.