Reader - Saffron Integration

In Cypad, Saffron codes can be applied to reporting KPIs and data exported in a format that can be uploaded into Saffron. 

How do I configure Saffron Integration?

Assign Saffron Codes:

1. In the Data Collection module click Admin
2. Click KPIs
3. In the External ID column enter the Saffron codes against the relevant KPIs:

a) If the Saffron code is unique to a KPI, enter the code against the relevant KPI in the External ID column.
b) If there is more than one Saffron code for the same KPI, enter the codes in the relevant Area columns. Leave the External ID column blank.


4. Click Save

Select Saffron Template:

1. In the Data Collection module click Admin
2. Click Configure
3. Change Recurring export format to Saffron:


 4. Click Save

How do I export data for Saffron Integration?

1. In the Data Collection module list bar click Reader:
2. Click Show Filter and select KPIs
3. Click navigation pane and select Area, Site or Type
4. Click on date filter and choose date range
5. Click Go
6. When report is run click Export 


7. Save report as relevant file type




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