Email notifications for managers

Any user with the “Manager” Type can be configured to automatically receive an email notification for Forms and Order Appovals, if they have been associated with the site that is taking the action.

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How to set up the email notification alert feature for Managers to receive a copy of the form and notification an Order requires approval.

Manager User email setup

Before using the Email to Manager feature make sure that the Manager user has a valid email address, Area access and Site access assigned. In the System admin page use the Users: Manager [1] to single out Manager users in the Users list and select the desired User [2].


In the Edit User window go to the Info tab [3] and confirm the Email address [4] is valid and the Site field [5] is left blank.


In the Admin tab [6] make sure both the Available [7] and Emails [8] check boxes for the Manager’s Area are ticked.


If the Emails checkbox is unchecked the Manager will not receive any Email notifications.

In the Sites tab [9], if you select a Site [10] the manager will have access to view the site details in the manager app and receive all email notifications associated with the site.


When activating this feature at a Site level, managers must be made aware that they will potentially receive sensitive information via the Forms function.

 click Save [11] to complete this action. 

Setting a Form to be automatically sent to managers

Go to Design > open a Forms Folder [1] in the left menu > either select a Form [2] from the table or click Add Form [3]


In the Edit/Add Form window set the Style drop down [4] to Email to Manager, this will reveal the Email Cc field [5] where you can enter additional email addresses that the Form report will be sent to.



When adding email addresses to the Email Cc field separate each email address with a semi-colon.

Click Save [6] when you have finished.

Missing Manager emails

When sending out a Form, school administrators will receive an email advising which site cannot be emailed due to missing manager email addresses.

The e-mail will say the following:

Dear Admin,

Form cannot be emailed. The system is not able to find a manager with an email address allocated to site.


Cypad Support


If no Admin account, with an email is setup, a support request email is automatically sent to the CYPAD Support team.

Email Opt-Out


If a Site has been assigned to the Manager opting out of the email notifications will not turn off the site access. The Site has to be manually un-checked following the guidance in the Manager User email setup process.

Managers who do not want to receive automated emails e.g. Forms can opt-of receiving them.

Go to System > Users > select a User [1] > Admin tab


When the user ticks a checkbox in the Available column [2], the Email column [3] for that Area is ticked automatically. Manually un-tick the Emails column tick box to exclude the user from any email communications related to that Area.

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