Stocktake - Transferring Stock on Tablet and Desktop

Cooks can now transfer stock items between sites, a task previously only available to Admin staff on the desktop.

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How to use the stock transfer feature within Kitchen Manager.

Accessing Stocktake

Open Kitchen Manager and select Stocktake [1].



Before starting this process it's important to make sure the item which is being sent to the receiver has the item included on their stock list. This applies to the desktop and the tablet.

Transferring Stock on the Tablet

Located in the top right corner are 3 Dots, select these to expand the menu and select Stock Transfer [1].


A list of previous Stocktakes can now be seen on the screen, select New Transfer [2].


A new window will now appear requiring the information of the site that will be receiving the Stock.

Previous Transfers [3] will show any sites you have previously sent the stock to, eliminating the process of entering the Site Code manually.

If you are transferring to a site for the first time, type in the Site Code [4] into the empty field.

Select Ok [5] to progress.


All available Stock Items [6] which can be transferred will now appear within a list. Select the Empty Cell [7] to input the number of stock that is being sent


Using the On-Screen Keyboard [8] enter the amount of stock being sent and select Ok [9].


Newly entered data will now appear on the Stock List [10].

If needed you can add a Note [11] to the Stock Transfer.

Located in the Top Right corner select the 3 Dots and select Send [12].

The tablet will display a prompt asking the user to confirm the Stocktake and select Yes [13].


The Stocktake will now appear within the Out List [14].



The site receiving the stock must sync its tablet to receive the stock.

Stock transfer by admin

In some cases, the stock may be delivered centrally rather than to a specific site. As the cook cannot transfer the stock from here, the Admin must use the Desktop.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Stock.

Select the Relevant Site [1] from the Navigation Tree and select the Relevant Stock Item [2].


A new window will open, select Transfer [3] located at the bottom of the Info Tab [4].



This process can only be performed if the relevant item is in stock on the system.

A new window will open in which you can configure the Transfer details.

An Item Breakdown [5] will be shown at the top. This contains information on the Item Details entered in when the stock was being added to the system. It also shows the most up-to-date stock details.

3 Key Details are required for a successful transfer:

Quantity to transfer (Packs) [6]

Depending on stock levels, enter the amount of stock you will be sending of the chosen item.

Location to Transfer [7]
Selecting another site to transfer to is essential. Upon clicking the dropdown, every school linked to the Area will be displayed.
Note [8]
If required you can add a note to the transfer if the receiving party needs any kind of information pertaining to the stock.

Select Save [9].


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