Forms App

Use the Forms app to record and sign-off forms such as cleaning tasks, probe calibrations, events, timesheets, absence/leave, accidents etc.

  This article will teach you...

How to use the forms app.

Accessing Forms

Select Forms [1].


Form Folders

Form Folders allow Admin users to organize specific forms and place them within Folders [1] to locate them more easily, for example, we could take the 'Covid-19' Folder and find any forms related to Covid-19 within it.


In the Forms Folder, there will be a selection of Forms to choose from. Some forms require No Action [3] after the Form has been submitted. These Forms will be automatically logged as Closed after the device Syncs. Other Forms are set up to automatically Send Email [4] to a designated recipient or require Manager sign-off [5] when submitted.  



The different form types will be determined by your school administrator, for more information on Form Types please see Forms.

How to Enter a New Form

Select a Form [1] from within the Form Folder.


Located at the bottom, press the New Form [2] button to start a new form.



The Form contents may differ from the screenshots, Forms are set up by your school administrator.

Filling Out and Signing Off Forms

Depending on the way the form is set up you will have different ways of filling it out.

Within the form, you should see Question [1] and a Cell [2] located just to the right of the question.



There are multiple ways to answer Forms. Upon selecting the cell you may have to Tick, Free Type or Scroll through a multitude of different options.

When the Form is completed press the Form Signoff [3] option. 



Some Forms are set up with compulsory Fields. If you leave these fields empty you will not be able to submit the Form.

Located at the top we can see the Name of the Form and a Notes Section [4]. You can use the notes section to expand on any of the information inputted on the previous screen.

When signing-off a Form, the Signed by [5] and Signature [6] fields must be filled in before pressing the Signoff [7] button.



There may sometimes be two signature boxes – the top signature box (at least) must be filled in to sign off.

After signing off the Form it will have the Submitted [8] status until you Sync the device using the Sync button on the Kitchen Manager screen to upload it email it, get it approved, or signed off.



Forms that require Manager signoff will be logged as Submitted on the Kitchen Manager Desktop, refer to Design - Add a form, Publish to a tablet and Manager signoff for more information. Managers can approve the Form via the Desktop App.

In the event the Form is Rejected [9] by the Manager it will be recorded as Rejected and the user will need to fill in a New form on the device.

Forms that have been approved by the manager will show an Approved Status [10].


Form Configurations

Within a Form, you can see the Form Configurations [1] by selecting the 3 dots.



Selecting Collapse will close all tabs, you will need to select the 3 Dots and select Expand to reopen them.

Hide Instructions
Selecting Hide Instructions will hide the text just under the form name, in the screenshot above the Weekly Cleaning text will be removed.
Selecting Delete will abandon any progress made on the form if no longer needed.
Show Compulsory Questions

Certain forms may have compulsory questions which need to be answered in order to sign off the form. You will not be able to complete this process without answering these questions.


For information on the Signoff option please see the Filling Out and Signing Off Forms Section above.

Form Status

There is a multitude of different Form Statuses which can be applied to Forms. You can view the Status of the form by selecting the Relevant Form [1] and looking at the already created forms.


Just under the name, you can see the Form Status [2].


Different Form Statuses:

Signed Off

Signed Off shows the form has been completed by the Kitchen and if needed can be viewed by the manager on the Cypad Desktop Application.

A form may need approval from a manager before a decision is made. The form will show a Submitted status until the manager completes their process.
If a manager is happy with the submitted form and has approved it from their end, you can now see the form shows an Approved Status.

If a form has been submitted to the manager and they are not happy with it, they may reject the form. If this happens the form will show a Rejected Status.

In Progress

If you have started a form but have not yet signed it off, the form status will show as In Progress.

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