Meal Register - Breakfast and breaks

The user can add breakfast and break menus in the same way as adding normal menus. The student/parent can opt in or out of having breakfast or break items.


In Menu > Templates, add breakfast or break items in the selected week, as in standard menu creation.

In MealsĀ > Students > [select student] > Edit Student, the user can opt in/out of having breakfast or a snack (if the user opts out, the student details are removed from the class details for that meal option only).


On the tablet, tap the Meal Register app. The user is asked to select the appropriate meal session:mceclip1.png

On the next screen select the class, then select the child, the choose the breakfast item and quantity:


Users can select more than 5 Items from the Breakfast and Breaks menus so multiple Menu Items can be selected on the Tablet, for example, the student is able to select more than 1 Drink Menu Item.