How to use the Attendance App

  Table of Contents
  1. Enter PIN Number
  2. Recording start and finish times
  3. Multiple roles and codes
  4. Adding Mobile Staff

Use the Attendance app to check in and out as normal, and then again for a second shift for one of the following:

  • Record two or more shifts in one day
  • Split shift across sites
  • Record two paid staff roles in one day

Recorded hours are shown consecutively on the tablet. The supervising cook normally completes the number of hours worked (including overtime or absence hours) and can amend your details if you are absent before signing off your hours worked at the end of the week. 


Enter PIN Number

Before entering your working hours you will need to Enter your PIN [1] number using the on-screen keypad, the PIN is assigned by your administrator. 


After you have logged in for the first time you can Change PIN [2] or press OK [3] to log your hours.

When changing the PIN enter the Old PIN [1], if your Old PIN is three numbers log enter a New PIN [2] with three numbers. If your Old PIN is four numbers long enter a New PIN with four numbers.


Re-enter [3] the New PIN and press OK [4].

NOTE: You will not be allowed to enter number sequences such as 0000 or 1234.

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Recording start and finish times

 Go to Kitchen Manager App > Attendance App > tap a Member of staff [1]


Tap the Check In/Out [2] button. This will log the On screen time [3] for the Check in/Out time.

NOTE: Once you tap Check In/Out you cannot change the time.

After pressing the Check In/Out button you will return to the Attendance table which will show the Check In/Out Times recorded [4].

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Multiple roles and codes

Some members of staff have a primary role (e.g. Catering Manager) and a secondary role (e.g. Head of Kitchen). If this is the case, Check Out of your primary role, press the top right menu button and select Change Staff Role [1]


Enter the Role code for your secondary role, this number is assigned by the Admin user. In this example the Head of Kitchen Role code is 009, enter this number in the Staff Role Code [2] field and tap OK [3].


When you click OK the job title is automatically updated and you will need to Check In [4] for your secondary role and Check Out [5] when you have finished the responsibilities of that role.  a breakdown of the multiple roles can be seen in the Staff App, refer to Staff App - Entering staff hours .


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Adding Mobile Staff

Press the top right Menu button and press the option to Add Mobile Staff [1]


Enter the Employee No. [2] of the member of staff (009 is assigned to Samantha Holmes), this is assigned by the Administrator, and press the OK button [3].


 The New Employee [4] is added to the Staff Attendance table.


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